Baker Creek State Park

Primary use of this trail is mountain biking. The trail is primarily fresh singletrack hooked up to short sections of existing service roads. Baker Creek State Park has several miles of other fire roads and paved roads that offer extra miles and opportunities for all abilities. Note this trail will be closed when conditions are not appropriate for use. Directions from McCormick: Go 4 miles West on US378. BCSP is on the right. Turn onto Huguenot Parkway. Left at entrance to park and follow road all the way back and park at the Pavilion. Trailhead is at the left at top of the hill.

Contact: Baker Creek State Park (864) 443-2457

Catfish Creek/Peninsula

Approximately 5 miles of trail in this day use area which includes the main route with two spurs off of it and a circular path at the end with 4 spurs off of it. Directions from Parksville: Take SC28/Us221 North. See sign, turn left (west) onto Rd. #33-402. This paved road continues to the left past the curve. After pavement ends, travel the short distance to the gate which limits access.

Contact: Corps of Engineers (800) 533-3478 Ext. 1147

Stevens Creek (Modoc) Trail

6.3 linear trail (not a loop) is more technically challenging with several creek crossings and steeper hills. It is an intermediate trail offering views of Stevens Creek from its many ridges. The first 5.6 miles are on USFS property but then crosses onto private property. This section should be avoided in hunting season. At 6.3 miles, the trail ends at the power lines. Directions from McCormick: Take SC28/Us221 South 25 miles to Modoc. Turn left (east) onto SC23. Trailhead is .7 miles on the left just before the bridge. It is also accessible from FS632 if you want to ride South to SC23.

Contact: US Forest Service: (803) 637-5396

Turkey Creek/Wine Creek Trails

Hiking and mountain biking trails are one linear trail. At the south end, Turkey Creek is one of the most popular MTB trails in the area. It starts at Key Bridge and is a little more than 7 miles of singletrack to a gravel cul-de-sac (FS 617A). It is relatively flat but does offer a few technical challenges. Generally it is easier than other trails in the area. Note: It is not a loop. Also starting at Key Bridge but traveling North is Wine Creek Trail, a much less traveled trail. Wine Creek is 5 miles long, all singletrack, ending at Hwy 283. Wine Creek shares the same traits as Turkey Creek: flat, fast, a few technical challenges, beautiful scenery…but several drawbacks. In the 5 miles, it has 22 bridges, some completely washed away. Best to ride in the Fall or early Spring. This trail can also be accessed from SC283 and ridden the opposite way to Key Bridge. Directions to Key Bridge from McCormick: Take SC28/US221 South to Plum Branch. Left onto SC283. Go about 3.5 miles, turn right onto Key Road (SC138). Trailhead is 4 miles on the right before bridge. Directions to Wine Creek from McCormick: Take SC28/Us221 South to Plum Branch. Left on Rt. 283. Park at trailhead on right after you cross Wine Creek.

Contact: US Forest Service: (803) 637-5396

Other Unpaved Roads

The Sumter National Forest has over 100 miles of fire roads. Some of the trails above can be linked using fire roads and pavement to make for epic rides. Several routes exist that will allow a multi-day trip from one end of the Sumter NF to the other. Although you can expect to encounter pavement, these long rides can be tailored to be mainly off road experiences. Obtain Game Management maps from South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (803) 734-3888 and the USFS maps (803) 637-5396. Organized rides and volunteer trail maintenance call (706) 832-8496.