MACK – Summer Arts Camp Reception

The MACK Summer Arts Camps Reception was held on Friday, August 3, 2018. The reception celebrated the accomplishments of this year’s students.
Every summer our organization becomes a bustling center for young creativity. This summer, however, we had 60 individual students attend our Summer Arts Program over six weeks. Our students are amazing young people and they were brilliant in working through challenging and fun projects while bubbling over with ideas. We also expanded this year to include afternoon Teen Camps that work in pastels, fiber arts and explored STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) while tackling the 17 Sustainable Goals as outlined in the Model UN program.
We also enjoyed partnering with the McCormick County Library.   Mr. Paul Brown did an amazing job working on teaching the fun in cartoons and graphic novels. The next time you visit the library, don’t forget to enjoy the hand-painted picnic benches sharing the images from this collaborative teen project.
A very special “Thank you” to every donor, sponsor, and volunteer who helped to ensure our students were able to benefit from a great summer and create life long bonds. Art changes lives!
Hugs especially to: Ms. Chris McMullen, Ms. Mea Stone, Ms. Angelika Bondar, Ms. Danielle Hutton, Ms. Keke Jackson, Ms. Lucia Wilkes, Ms. Jamie Pohlman, Ms. Brianna Barnes, Mr. Paul and Mr. Jeffery Callaham.

For more information on the MACK, go to http://www.mccormickarts.org